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We bridge the skills gap between the talent supply and demand sides, Our learning solutions are powered by ML-AI technology. (Skill gap between talent supply and demand.) We specialize in corporate learning and development, focusing on increasing productivity, reducing overhead costs, and  up-skilling and cross-skilling individuals to build successful careers.

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Founding Story

iBridge360 Edtech Private Limited, founded in 2021, is a cutting-edge EdTech company dedicated to revolutionizing education through innovative technology solutions.

Our founders are passionate educators who dream of a future where every student, regardless of their background, can access high-quality education tailored to their individual needs.

iBridge360 was born out of frustration with the limitations of traditional education. The founders, Rajesh Kumar VS and Aman Mustafa, saw an opportunity to leverage technology to create a personalized and engaging learning experience.


AI Integrated Learning Platform

Enhanced Learning Environment

Our AI platform can create personalized learning experiences for students, adapting to their individual learning styles and provide targeted feedback. This ensures that students receive customized support and opportunities for improvement

Error Detection Recommendation

Our AI and ML development tool assist in debugging by identifying and fixing errors in algorithms, programs, and models. Our AI-enabled tools can automate the detection of common coding errors, ensuring quicker identification and resolution during the development phase

Automated Assessment and Feedback

Our AI platform can create personalized learning experiences for students, adapting to their individual learning styles and provide targeted feedback. This ensures that students receive customized support and opportunities for improvement

Our Mentors

Nandini S N

As an accomplished DevOps mentor, I blend innovative strategies with cutting-edge technologies to sculpt resilient, agile workflows. My passion for cultivating excellence and fostering collaborative environments fuels my mission to elevate teams to their peak performance.

Rajesh Kumar

With 30 years of IT expertise, Rajesh Kumar mentors for advancement, collaborating with colleges and corporates to address employment challenges. He empowers learners through an edu-tech platform, keen on knowledge exchange and system building for the current generation's success.


With two decades of hands-on experience, I am proficient in Python and Java, showcasing a mastery of these programming languages. My expertise extends across diverse domains, allowing me to deliver innovative solutions and drive excellence in software development


With over 2 years of teaching experience in polytechnic education and 2 years of hands-on expertise in Python, SQL, Power BI, Excel, Git, and GitHub, I bring a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application to mentorship. My expertise lies in guiding individuals to bridge theory with practical application, fostering an environment of learning and innovation.


Raghavan's ability to explore the software tools is very good. Hands-on with the tech makes him a good mentor for folks who want to become good data engineers, skills Python, Pandas, SQL, Data Warehouse, Snowflakes, Pyspark, AWS (Data engineer)

Mangala Narayan

Certified Life Coach, Visual Artist and a Meditation Practitioner by profession, Mangala Narayan empowers individuals and groups of individuals to achieve overall well-being in an interactive and holistic way. Her methods include tailored coaching and guided meditations that enhance performance, communication and self-confidence. Her focus is to promote physical, psychological and emotional health of individuals in all areas of life.

Deepa Bushan

With over 7 years of experience in the corporate world, my dedication now lies in nurturing newcomers by imparting essential soft skills crucial for launching their careers. I focus on fostering holistic growth among students, elevating their confidence through effective communication, imparting insights into corporate etiquette, and refining their body language to empower them with a competitive advantage over their peers

Partnerships and Collaborations

To streamline this process, for instance, if a company hires 50+ freshers annually, it is imperative to collaborate with partners who have access to colleges. This collaboration ensures the sharing of a talent pipeline, facilitating the identification and recruitment of individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications


Educational Institutions

Join us in shaping the future of education, envisions a future where technology empowers educators and inspires students, creating a global community of lifelong learners and be a part of our mission to transform learning worldwide.

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Data Engineer

Full Stack Development


Microsoft Business Intelligence

Full Stack Development - MERN

Business Analyst

Quality Assurance

Data & Analytics | Data Science & AI

Medical Healthcare BPO (US) | Human Recourses Recruitment

Employee Wellness

Full Stack Development | Mobile App Development

Investment Management (Wealth) | Financial Analysis

Business Administration


Arts and Others


Communication & Self Development

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