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Chirag Krishnamurthi

Ibridge360's course and platform have been instrumental in shaping my career path. The course content was comprehensive, well-structured, and tailored to industry needs, providing me with a deep understanding of the subject matter. The platform itself was user-friendly, with easy access to lectures and resources. The platform also provides Capability Assessment where the I could practise and improve my skills in various concepts. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, offering valuable insights and guidance throughout the course. Thanks to Ibridge360, I have gained the skills and confidence to pursue my professional goals and got a job as SDE. I highly recommend Ibridge360 to anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Injeti Gowtham Karthikeyan

I have done Data Engineering course in ibridge. By my experience i would like to say that for a fresher this is the best data engineering course out there in the market. Not only we will be equipped with all the related technologies but also overall knowledge of what entire data engineering and software industry is all about. Mentors will be very helpful and small batch sizes are also the main advantage.

Chandan Athreya S

The iBridge Data Engineering course offers comprehensive training in data engineering, equipping learners with the skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving data landscape. The course curriculum is designed to meet industry demands, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for real-world challenges in data engineering roles.

Vithya R

I got a good knowledge on SQL, Power BI, RDBMS, Cloud Platform. The course made me as a good data engineer. The course is really useful to enhance my IT skills. In ibridge360 the capability app contains more than 1000 questions. There are beginner, intermediate and expert level questions in order to analyse our skills. After finishing the test, we can take a look at the actual result and our own results.

Kalaimagal S

I joined IBridge360 to restart my IT career as a data engineer after having break of almost 10 years. Before joining this course, I was not confident of restarting my career, but after attending the subject lectures and motivating sessions provided by them, it helped me to build my overall confidence. The course materials and the recorded videos were easily understandable. The daily assignments and the discussions regarding the same gave me constant urge to finish them then and there. I have to mention about the teaching staffs. They were very supportive and gave proper feedback after every test which helped me to improve further. I would recommend IBridge to my friends who want to upscale their learnings and are interested to pursue their career in data engineering field.

Meenakshi Srilekha V

Career gap was no more a reason after joining IBridge360. I have successfully got placed and working in Lloyds banking group. The training given for the courses is outstanding with brilliant mentors who made it easy even for a non technical student. The online program has many feasible options with various assignments to know how much we understood the course. Equally the guidance given by Aroha during interviews made me ambitious,confident and determined.

Venkatesan B

I completed a 3Months course on 'Database and Data Warehouse Engineering' at iBridge 360, where the staff members were genuinely supportive, providing invaluable guidance that made my experience at the company truly enriching. Additionally, the communication training I received was exceptional, not only enhancing my communication skills but also boosting my self-confidence. The staff created a comfortable learning environment that significantly contributed to my growth. Before joining iBridge 360 , my skills were minimal, but with their guidance, my proficiency has greatly improved. They also provided invaluable assistance in preparing for interviews, offering numerous opportunities for students within their company. I extend my gratitude to MRS Mangala , MR Rajesh , MRS Deepa, MR Monish Sharma, MRS Shoba, MRS Nandhini, MR Vishwanath, and MR Yadav Krishnaa for their unwavering support in advancing my career.

Chirag Devidas Naik

I recently completed the Data Engineering course offered by iBridge 360, and I must say it was an enriching experience. The course covered a comprehensive range of topics, including Python, SQL, Data Warehousing, AWS etc. I highly recommend the Data Engineering course at iBridge 360 to anyone looking to build a strong foundation in Data Engineering.

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