Do you want to build a  Progressive career?

iBridge360 is an experiential learning platform that bridges your skills gap, and enables an assured career

At iBridge360, we help graduate & career-changing professionals (Graduates and professionals) or (Graduates or professionals who wish to change their field of work)

Ensuring everyone acquires the skills and knowledge that companies value.Graduates are ready for employment and will be effective in their jobs from day one (Change effective to productive)

Why Choose iBridge360

We divide your learning time meaningfully between online research, structured lessons, mentoring, and real-life projects.

Experiential Learning

100s of hours of real-life projects and case studies for hands-on experience, with an opportunity to work on your own and in collaboration with others

Future-Ready Courses

Our continuous process in identifying demand in current and future skills, helps us formulate our courses to be ‘future-ready’ for our learners

Personalized Learning

Our classes are designed to bridge individual gaps; and self-assessment tools with access to coaches, enable learners to get personalized attention

Blended Learning Process

Our learning approach combines online and in-person methods, with 30% of the program consisting of synchronous interactions with mentors and 70% consisting of asynchronous, platform-enabled activities. This blended model, endorsed by the US Agency for International Development, allows for a well-rounded and effective learning experience.

Before the end of the course, the learner is ready to face the job market, and iBridge360 will help in identifying the right position at the right Organization

To assist you better, please provide the following information:

Data Engineer

Full Stack Development


Microsoft Business Intelligence

Full Stack Development - MERN

Business Analyst

Quality Assurance

Data & Analytics | Data Science & AI

Medical Healthcare BPO (US) | Human Recourses Recruitment

Employee Wellness

Full Stack Development | Mobile App Development

Investment Management (Wealth) | Financial Analysis

Business Administration


Arts and Others


Communication & Self Development

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