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Course Description

Learning DevOps can have a profound impact on both your career and your organization’s ability to deliver software efficiently and effectively. It enables faster development, better quality, and improved collaboration, leading to increased competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

• DevOps Introduction

• What Is DevOps and Tools Covered

• Resources

• Create an AWS Account

• Introduction and Lab Setup

• Adhoc Commands, Inventory, and ansible.cfg

• Write Ansible Playbook

• Conditions

• Variables, Tomcat Setup

• Ansible Vault and Roles

• Set Up Jenkins Using Ansible, Ansible Galaxy, CI/CD Job to Set Up Tomcat and Deploy War File

• Ansible Inventory

• Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes

• Docker Introduction

• Docker Basic Commands and DockerHub Introduction

• Docker Images and Docker Networks Introduction

• Docker Networks and Docker Volumes Introduction

• Docker Volumes

• Dockerfile

• Docker Compose and Docker Swarm

• Introduction to Kubernetes

• Installation of Kubernetes Using (Minikube and Kubeadm)

• Create Google Cloud Account and Initializing Kubernetes Cluster

• Install Google Cloud Command Line Tool and Create the Cluster

• Kubernetes Objects

• Replication Controller and Cluster IP Service

• Setting Up the Terraform Environment

• Writing Terraform Configuration

• Scaling your Infrastructure with Terraform

• Using Terraform with External Data

• Managing the Terraform State

• Applying Basic Terraform Workflow

Nandini S N

As an accomplished DevOps mentor, I blend innovative strategies with cutting-edge technologies to sculpt resilient, agile workflows. My passion for cultivating excellence and fostering collaborative environments fuels my mission to elevate teams to their peak performance.

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DevOps Engineering

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