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Application development is the corner stone to interact with business, partners, vendors and customers. Application developer who understands all the layers in the application provides the better solution. Full Stack developer must have intelligence on how to connect all the tech stacks together to achieve the end objective of the application.

• Introduction to Business

• Industries and Business Characteristics

• Approach to learn anything in business

• Horizontal and Verticals in Industries

• Industry to Information

• Understanding Business Process

• High Level View of a Company / Organization

• Introduction to RDBMS

• What is Data?

• Databases

• Types of Databases

• Relational DBMS

• Entities and Relationships

• Tables in RDBMS

• Primary Key, Foreign Key,EF Codd’s Rules

• What is a transaction

• ACID property

• Introduction to html

• Html Building Blocks

• Attributes & Elements

• Tags

• Images and Links

• Tables

• Lists

• Form

• MultiMedia

• Introduction to CSS

• Inline, Internal and External CSS

• CSS Syntax

• Css Selectors

• CSS Properties

• CSS Color

• Css Units

• Css Box Model

• Css Fonts

• Css Flexbox

• Css Media Query

• Introduction to JavaScript

• Client-side vs. Server-side JavaScript

• Placement

• Variables

• Data Types

• Operators

• Conditional Statements

• Loops

• Functions

• Objects

• Strings & Methods

• Array

• Exceptions

• ES6 Concepts

• Introduction to JAVA

• Java OOPS

• Class,object,constructor

• Array – single, multi-dimension

• Exception handling

• ArrayList,LinkedList,HashMap

• Lambda,Method reference,Optional,Stream API

• File handling


• Spring Framework

• Spring Boot,Hibernate (ORM)

• Spring MVC

• Building RESTful Webservices

• Introduction to React

• Components


• Props

• State

• Component Lifecycle Methods

• Event Handling

• Methods as Props

• Conditional Rendering

• Forms Basics

• React Hooks

• Refs

• API Calls & Integration

• File commands

• Dir commands

• Vi editor

• Linux process

• Grep and its options

• Shell scripting & awk

• Cron job scheduling

• Mindfulness practice and it’s benefits to achieve Focus and Concentration

• On how Time management brings increased productivity and high Self confidence

• How to come out of Social inhibitions to be more open and have high Self confidence and high Self esteem

• Increase your happiness Quotient by focusing on your passion and to connect with your current interest or current Job

• Emotional intelligence and its effect in growth of the Organisation and the individual

• Improving Team dynamics by understanding the six Ego games, Diversity and inclusion

• Right Communication versus Communication skills

• All about Wellness and how to write your wellness story.

A capstone project is a culminating and often multifaceted project undertaken at the end of an academic program or training, It allows students to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired throughout their studies to solve a real-world problem or address a specific challenge. Capstone projects can vary widely in scope and format, ranging from research papers and presentations to software development, design prototypes, or even community service initiatives. They serve as a practical demonstration of a student’s readiness for graduation or entry into their chosen field.


Mentor with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. He is the senior java mentor who focuses on programming fundamentals for learners in the platform.

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Embark on a journey of professional growth with our holistic approach to skill development. Our dedicated team provides tailored guidance and support, ensuring you're well-equipped for the demands of the job market. Whether you prefer weekday or weekend sessions, our flexible scheduling options cater to your convenience. With hands-on training and industry-recognized certifications, you'll gain the confidence and expertise needed to excel in your chosen field. Join us and unlock your full potential as you take the first steps towards a successful career.

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Leave Management System

Contact List Management system

Hospital Management System

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