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Application software team builds the application based on the requirements from customer. Business Analyst plays the crucial role to capture the functional requirements and stories to implement in the form of the application. You will be learning the tools and methods to make sure we capture all the scenarios with details from business stakeholders. You are the person who will explain requirements, processes, and scenarios to the entire team from a business perspective. You will learn about different technologies and the purpose of those technologies in the application. You are part of the team which validates the application from the end users’ perspective.

• Introduction to Business

• Industries and Business Characteristics

• Approach to learn anything in business

• Horizontal and Verticals in Industries

• Industry to Information

• Understanding Business Process

• High Level View of a Company / Organization

• Seven Cs of Communication

• Tenses

• Redundant Words

• Similar Sounding Words

• Common Grammar Mistakes

• Common Mistakes

• Introduction to RDBMS

• Objects in RDBMS

• Entities & Relationships

• Data Model Fundamentals

• SQL — Language in RDBMS


• Create, Alter and Drop

• Select, Insert, Update and Delete

• Grant and Revoke — Security

• Data Storage

• Data Retrieval

• Hands On

• Assessment & Mentoring

• Data Dictionary

• Metadata Definition

Industry Understanding

• Global / Local Business

• Global / Local Spend

• Global / Local Opportunity


Health care

• Patient People

Provider Hospitals

• Payer Patient, Govt, Insurance Companies

• Urban HealthCare

• Rural HealthCare

• Pharmacy Manufacturing & Sales




• Emergency

• DayCare

• InPatient

• Pharmacy

• OT

• Preventive HealthCare



• Malls

• Big Brand Stores

• Stores



• Marketing

• Sales

• Finance

• Accounting

• Warehouse Management

• Store Management

• Employee Management

• Inventory Management

• e-commerce Sales and Delivery

• Promotional Management

• Vendor Managed Inventory

• Software Application

• Mainframe Technologies

• Client Server Technologies

• Web Applications

• Mobile Applications

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

• Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

• Enterprise Data Warehousing

• Cloud Technologies

• Big Data Technologies

• Data Lakes

• Digitalization

• Software As a Service

• Platform As a Service

• Packaged Applications

• iOT technologies

• Business Analyst

• Business Technical Managerial Functional

• Understand Business Context Class Diagram

• Change Management

• Project Cost

• Understand Business Problem Stories

• Project Estimate

• Analysis of Problem

• Mock Up

• KT on Business

• Stakeholders

• Scoping of the Project

• Hypothesis View

• Develop Plans

• Suggest options

• BRD / SRS Creation

• Technical Evaluation

• Monitor Testing

• Cost Benefit

• Technical Analysis

• Quality Control

• New Business

• Available Options

• Optimize Operations

• Requirement Gathering

• Multiple Solutions

• Define the SCOPE

• Optimum Solution

• Sign Off from stakeholders

• Software Document Preparation

• Test case Preparation

• KT to Developers

• Verification of Process / Solution

• Support Document after implementation 

• Plan

• AS – IS Scenario

• TO – BE Scenario

• GAP Analysis

• Acceptance Criteria

• Business Requirement Document

• Various Business Possibilities

• Project Detailing

• Functional Requirement

• Non Functional Requirement

• User Testing Scenarios

• Team Building & Team Execution Planning

Rajesh Kumar

Having 25+ years of experience in the IT industry. Empowering jobseekers to become good employees who work effectively at every opportunity.

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Industry Projects

Booking Application

Leave Management System

Contact List Management system

Hospital Management System

Inventory Management System

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Business Analyst

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Data Engineer

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Microsoft Business Intelligence

Full Stack Development - MERN

Business Analyst

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Medical Healthcare BPO (US) | Human Recourses Recruitment

Employee Wellness

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Investment Management (Wealth) | Financial Analysis

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