Culture in an Enterprise

Culture in an Enterprise


The culture with in the company plays a very important role to make an employee feel good about the work he / she is doing. Enterprises runs based on mission, vision and values it brings to the eco system we live in.

Enterprises must show the big picture to all employees and reiterate the same in every opportunity. I came across many organizations which does not tell the mission and vision of the company, even employees don’t care in many places. This actually makes employees clue less when they are faced with choosing between two different options to take a decision. When you have two options while taking decision, your company values and vision helps you quantify which decision is better for the company.

Every employee in the organization should be aware of the why company was born in the first place. As a corporate, its important to explain the purpose of companies existence and how it impacts the eco system. Feel good factor is very important in the long run, the sense of satisfaction happens because you know that you are part of your company’s mission which made an impact in the world we live in.

As an employee we can wear multiple hats in a job, but as a company we cannot change missions once in six months. Roots of the company stays with the mission and vision and diversify our focus to peripheries of our core which gives us more value and long lasting impact.  

In the aggressive world we live in, constant upgrade of employees knowledge is very essential to keep the momentum going as if you are a start up. I came across Sir Richard Branson quote “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to”

This brings in a question of “Are we training our employees enough?” What is the budget and time we are allocating to enhance the current knowledge level our work force? Start collecting this data points, you will know why people leave companies. Most of the employees (performers) leave company as they are not being challenged with bigger business problems. So, keep a program which provides an opportunity to boost the thinking / explore quotient of employees who wants to achieve big.

Always start telling stories about the success and failures company had in the past to have the better future. In today’s disruption world organization should show employees what we have in store for next three years and how each employee should change to take care of company’s need.

Reskilling / Upgrading what you do should be in every one’s thoughts. Enterprises should rely on fellows (people who accomplished / changed some thing) with in the companies to impart the knowledge of how to survive in bad times.

When any employee of an organization does not know whom they are serving, why they are serving and what pain they reduce for their customers in the real world. In my 20+ years of expereince a very few employees know the history of enterprise they work for. This should CHANGE.

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