Role Based Dashboards

Role Based Dashboards

In today’s world, Data has to be represented in a way that a person should glance once and get the essence of the data from his / her perspective and put it for use in their work. With minimum effort, IT companies should provide the Dashboard if the data is already available in either in EDW, Data Lake or in an operational database.

Dashboards are typically created based on the role. The role defines the required data elements and its granularity required for the Dashboard.  Role also gives the ability to look into what kind of decisions typically they take. So, you build a story and explore the situations / scenarios to understand the unknowns.

Dashboards verifies what the role thinks is what actually happening in business. You see the Dashboard with prior knowledge of your business, when you see the mismatch in numbers your curiosity increases multiple folds. All of a sudden, you are exploring the Dashboard to get to the bottom of the numbers you are looking and thus you learn the change / new shift which helps to gain more knowledge. So, you can consider this platform as Knowledge Discovery Platform. More the Dashboard you use, more the numbers you will have to negotiate better in the role.

So, every role should have one dashboard which provides 360 degree of data from Role perspective. This way, every one focuses on their own numbers which eventually will turn the company to work in a very productive environment.


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